SpaceRat.Finance Review | How To Buy $SRAT Token | SPACE RAT POLYGON is Yield Farming Protocol

SpaceRat.Finance Review | How To Buy $SRAT Token | SPACE RAT POLYGON is the first of its kind revolutionary yield farming protocol built on Matic Network


$SRAT Details…
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Additional info:

We are now a launchpad, creating more usecase for Spacerat holders

🐭Dear Space Ratters🐭

We are excited to announce our TIER INFO:

⁃ βœ… PLUTO – 2.5 TRIL SRAT. 50x tokens
⁃ βœ… JUPITER – 1 TRIL SRAT. 15x tokens
⁃ βœ… MARS – 500 BIL SRAT. 6x tokens
⁃ βœ… MERCURY – 100 BIL SRAT. 3x tokens

πŸ’ŽπŸ’Ž Pluto, Jupiter, and Mars tiers provide guaranteed allocations, all you have to do is hold the specified amount of tokens for the announced time period.

🎁 Mercury tier is a lottery where you have to fill the whitelist form. The winners will be picked randomly based on a lottery system.


SpaceRisePolygon ($SRISE) will be the first ever automatic buy-back hyper deflationary token on Polygon.

How does it work?

A friendly whale is coded in the contract that automatically removes coins from the liquidity pool by buying and sending them to a burn address, thus adding more MATIC into the pool. This gives an immediate price increase. Since there are now less coins to go around, the value of each coin increases.

Where does the whale wallet get the money to buy back the tokens and burn them?

Well, that’s why for every buy and sell a certain percentage is going to go towards the whale wallet.

Buy (15% TAX):

10% Burn
2% marketing & partnerships
2% RFI
1% SpaceRat Matic reward pool

Sell (25% TAX):

17% whale wallet
3% marketing & partnerships
4% RFI
1% SpaceRat Matic reward pool

On the first day, the tax on sells will be 30%, which will decrease by 1% everyday, until it reaches 25%. The additional percentages will go towards feeding the whale wallet.

Whale Wallet: The whale wallet is your friend. The more Matic the whale wallet accumulates, the higher the price will go. Those who sell will feed the wallet more than those who buy, and that MATIC will be used for buybacks which will push the price even higher.

RFI: The longer you HODL, the more SpaceRise you will have in your wallet due to reflection.

Marketing & Partnerships: We will be doing a lot of marketing, so we need a good budget for that. We will be onboarding a lot of influencers on various social media channels. The more investors onboard the ship, the higher we will go. (SpaceRat went to 8 million MC due to our marketing).

Future DEX listings: To increase exposure, we will be listing in other DEXES in the future. These tokens will be locked until we list in other dexes.


30% IDO
30% LP
15% Whale Wallet
15% Future listings in other DEXES which will be locked
5% Marketing and Promotions
5% Team Development

Binance/Buy/Sell/Trade Crypto:

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πŸ”΄ Telegram Group:

Facebook Page:

‘For Business Enquiry or Paid Promotion’
πŸ’Œ [email protected]

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