Stacking Silver on a Budget with Circulated Constitutional Silver Coins

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Micro Purchases of Silver? Yes Please! With minimum purchase amounts now commonly $199 or higher I’ve been looking at other options to make smaller and affordable purchases of Silver. This has brought me to eBay where I’ve found some fairly good priced auctions of 90% Silver lately. I’ve won a few of them, and will drop some more frequent videos showing you how quickly 90% Silver can stack up adding more affordable weight in Silver to your Silver Stack!

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I am not a registered Financial Advisor. I love to accumulate Gold and Silver Coins and Bars as part of my financial freedom strategy. I believe in wealth retention through physical accumulation of Gold and Silver Coins and Bars. I also enjoy investing and trading in the stock and crypto currency markets to build wealth.

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27 thoughts on “Stacking Silver on a Budget with Circulated Constitutional Silver Coins”

  1. today I received British and Irish junk coins but they were dirty sticky and smelly but I buy them like that because people are willing to sell for under spot and I learnt how to clean them up. A couple of years ago I purchased a small cheap rock tumble and they all get the treatment and have over 20kgs of cleaned shiny world silver coins separated by country. It is not everyone's idea of stacking but it has been the cheapest silver especially when spot was under $20. I will eventually weigh them in for the silver content value hopefully over $30 spot.

  2. I LOVE my 90%. Have been buying up as much as I can and then some once I met someone selling at spot or under spot once. Needless to say I bought everything he was willing to sell which was quite a bit. I need $17 face to have 100ozโ€™s just in constitutional, which was my goal so Iโ€™m starting to contemplate what my next mile marker will be


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