8 thoughts on “The FTX Podcast #5 – Nischal Shetty, Crypto Advocate and Founder of Crowdfire & WazirX”

  1. Nishal, you're a great person. I am really happy at what the Indians are doing in the cryptocurrency space. Hopefully, my fellow Africans can borrow a leaf and start something worthwhile.

  2. https://blog.ftx.com/videos/ftx-podcast-episode-5/
    Spotify: https://spoti.fi/3iIBWzo

    Apple Podcast: https://apple.co/2Z2Gski
    00:0001:16 Introduction

    01:163:40 The backstory to the entrepreneur bug and entering the tech space.

    03:4004:35 Building the automatic downloader.

    04:3506:58 How writing blogs lead to have a business idea.

    06:5808:27 First job out of University.

    08:2710:39 Startups at a time when they weren’t big in India

    10:3915:20 Office during the day, building at night. (launching Crowdfire)

    15:2017:01 Only do that which you are passionate about.

    17:0121:56 Decentralization journey.

    21:5624:20 The birth of WazirX.

    24:2026:34 A smart way to present a MVP.

    26:2333:46 Highlights and sorrows of WazirX (regulators, P2P innovation, court cases and media)

    33:4636:45 The harm of India’s crypto banking ban. Advocates for industry acceptance. Winning legally.

    36:4542:00 Global growth phase and acquisition by Binance.

    42:0045:08 Blockchain for India fund.

    45:0846:29 The goals of WazirX.


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