Token Collector Card Review | The Hand Trap To Fix The META ?

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24 thoughts on “Token Collector Card Review | The Hand Trap To Fix The META ?”

  1. Dude yacine, this card is absolutely nuts against infernobles. One just like eldlich synchro they utilize mecha phantom beast and linkross and two because on of there combos there’s literally 2 linkross tokens 3 phantom beast tokens and the aurodon. Special summon token collector gg? XD I could see it

  2. Token Collector is so broken in Shaddolls, use Shaddoll Fusion get it into the graveyard summon Shekinaga and then summon Token Collector and eat up two to three token monsters

  3. I think Collector is only really strong in Dinosaur at the moment. It's usable as a combo piece and as a handtrap, and being level 4 is relevant. I have been on it for a while, and it's good either at one or at two with a foolish burial. It's really strong against infernoble knight but against most strategies you'd probably rather have nibiru.

  4. Wow Yacine your logic is very thorough. It’s a pleasure hearing your logic (notes taken). I would love talking Yu-Gi-Oh! theory with you. Funny enough I remember pulling this card a year ago and reading the effect and said to myself this card is actually pretty good. I put 3 in my side deck binder and you’re the first person I’ve noticed who also seen potential for its application. Great video my friend. It’s a lot of fun finding under rated cards being creative. Keep up the great videos Yacine!

  5. Franco Persano ran 1 token collector in his first place topping list of may 2020 for the pro play tour. Since it's a fiend it can be milled off fiendish rhino warrior as well as dante and beatrice. The best part about this card even if they out it they need to not destroy it but rather banish or return it to deck because it will just come back.

    here is a video of the deck profile:

    The card is a decent side deck option but not many decks can afford to play 3 of it in the side deck. But adamancipators can run it since it's earth they can use union carrier to equip it to something and link than monster off or use it for another play then it will go to the graveyard ready to stop token plays.


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