What are HERO rewards?

Go to https://bscscan.com/token/0xD40bEDb44C081D2935eebA6eF5a3c8A31A1bBE13#readContract
Invoke function getBalanceSummary for your wallet. Y’ll see three entries in wei- 18 decimals
1.totalBalance-current acc balance with rewards
2.holdingBalance-balance of tokens that has been bought
3.totalRewards-current reward balance
There is one “reward pool” for all holders. totalRewards per each wallet are calculated from simple equation:
totalRewards = globalRewardPool * walletHoldingBalance / totalHoldingBalance
Each new holder (after pancake swap buy transaction) increases by 1% of his TX globalRewardPool but totalHoldingBalance value growths even more (this is our denominator in the equation above) which can make totalRewards lower

1.You will never loose any token from holdingBalance-only temporarily from rewards
2.You will be rewarded during all sells TX – globalRewardPool will increase and totalHoldingBalance will decrease which make reward larger.


25 thoughts on “What are HERO rewards?”

  1. This wasn’t very clear. I’ve linked over 5k hero tokens in the app for a week now which Is held on my metamask but I’ve not earnt a single extra token. The app has no function other than telling me the price and how many I hold? How often are rewards paid out?

  2. I still don't get it. If it's not in my wallet, then I'm not getting anything. Other protocols deposit coins into your wallet. This is more confusing than no video at all.


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