What is IoTex? क्या है IoTeX? || IOTX

This video explains what IoTeX project is and the native token IOTX.

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IoTeX is building the Internet of Trusted Things, where all physical and virtual things can efficiently exchange information and value at a global scale. Traditionally, the devices that operate and exchange information over the internet, known as IoT devices, are sending the user data to large conglomerates that control it. The users receive no part of the profits that these huge centralised companies make from the user data collected.

IoTeX’s Research and Development team is comprised of PhDs from the University of Waterloo and the National University of Singapore, and engineers in cryptography, artificial intelligence, and IoT who previously worked for Google, Facebook, Uber and Bosch.

IoTeX’s vision is to “drive end-to-end trust throughout the entire information life cycle in an IoT network, including data collection, transport, storage, and utilization”.

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