Why isn't FEG (Safemoon, etc) blowing up in price? What gives?!? Wes answers all on Burn Tokens!

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41 thoughts on “Why isn't FEG (Safemoon, etc) blowing up in price? What gives?!? Wes answers all on Burn Tokens!”

  1. Yep the biggest part is the market. When the market was super high my 1bnb(450ish) i bought into feg shot up to 16k$ Over the course of a few weeks. Went as low as it being worth 800$(still up overall). Now it's up slightly at 1.5k$ and been going up overall relative to the past few months

  2. FEG was my first crypto that I have invested since March this year. It doesn’t matter, how it goes. I’m really happy to hold for long long time. I really love this project. Amazing video! Thanks for sharing!🙏

  3. Good project needs time to build a strong foundation before it can grows, Defi is future banking where you can build your own wealth. Once it fully operate with low fees, staking and farming and multi cross chains and pairs, will attract more users, and TVL is growing everyday, that then you will be reward with your patient, remember you are investing now for future.

  4. Wes, please look into Fibswap dex as well. First of its kind to bridge erc20 tokens to bep 20 in one click. Less than a month old and has a fully functional multi swap dex. A new block chain added every month with Solana and ADA coming out shortly. I know you like quality projects and this is high quality my friend. Thanks Wes.

  5. Safemoon had top whale sold trillions and trillions, safemoon is starting to go up in price after that, the wallet come out on the 28th and the blockchain and Exchange in the coming months!

  6. hello sir Wes, in philippines, Pi Network become trending in social media and also, the pi network become no.1 app in terms of social category, can you react with this please

  7. You have a very insightful channel, and i am glad I found it! So I wanna try to mine pi but I'm still doubtful if it'll just ruin my data. Can you make a video where you actually show you yourself mining

  8. I agree with your points. Only a few of these burn tokens with the strongest use cases and communities will make it to the next bull run. we still haven’t hit our next crypto winter yet. The main mechanism of deflationary tokenomics encourages hodling for many years to earn reflections and see the supply get burned away. It’s only been 4-6 months and people are wondering why they haven’t made it to the moon yet. I had bought into a few burn tokens. Made some profits and then lost some on scams/rug pulls. I decided to limit my exposure on these projects and just keep a couple smaller bags. These are highly speculative altcoins so if you are uncomfortable with your bag being down right now, you have invested too much into it. Good luck to all the burn tokens. It will be interesting to see which one(s) survive after 5 years.

  9. Thanks for the video. I often get accused of being a fudder by over investors when I express the same sentiment about these coins on social media. I too think these coins will have their day but folks don't invest your life savings and the farm on them. They will probably take longer then your willing to hold to see the grow.

  10. Great video! Once someone believes in the project of FEG, then peace of mind can be achieved and worry about price movement goes away. Can just sit back and relax and wait while collecting passive income thru staking. Go FEG!


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