Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX Token) – Decentralized Exchange for Gamers and Virtual Tokens

WAX Token, or Worldwide Asset eXchange, is a decentralized platform for virtual items such as video game skins and NFT (Non-fungible tokens). WAX president, Malcolm CasSelle, gives us a candid interview about NFT’s, his thoughts on crypto-based games, and the future of WAX.
0:10 What is WAX
3:56 Crypto and gamers
5:03 Non-fungible Tokens
7:56 The Future of Cryptogames
9:49 WAX and EOS platform
11:15 OPSkins and the future of WAX
14:03 WAX bounty program (

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Disclosure: I own WAX tokens.

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26 thoughts on “Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX Token) – Decentralized Exchange for Gamers and Virtual Tokens”

  1. WAX has a great team, great block producers and moving to pure decentralization with DPOS. The more people that get involved in EOSIO projects and voting the more power to the people.

  2. @ Malcolmcasselle Really? This is the best Wax can do? I have been holding Wax since they launched. EOS seems to be much fairer in voting and distribution of their token before and after their mainnet launch. It seems your project seems wonderful but the only thing it is good for is losing the money of the tokens holders, broken promises and setting OPSKINS up for the win after the main net launch then locking out the tokens holders for three years while WAX sets as many roadblocks as possible to not fulfill any profit. So shocked at how the narrative Casselle and Quigly were pushing all year has changed in the last month. Surely screwing over people that believed in this project is not your intention?

  3. Sorry, this project is the perfect example of a useless coin. Why would any game developer use their token rather than just create their own…Say EA created EA token. Just use your head people. Also notice how he's also always refering to WAX with "we" in regaurds to the 100million transactions a year comment….WAX doesen't do this. The industry does. WAX is not the industry.


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