In this video we discuss about Safemoon. I am personally invested into this coin and would like to spread my thoughts about it.


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0:00 – Intro
7:31 – Technical Analysis

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  1. I'm a small Safemoon holder since April 3rd (couldn't afford much) and I'm less than 2M away from my 50M goal! 🙂 Hoping to hit it! 🔥🔥 Believed in safemoon since day 1 and that'll never change!! LFG!! 🤜🏼🤛🏼

  2. Safemoon is only going down. Every week. When you must believe all the YouTube channels. Next week would be HUGH ect ect. I think safemoon is already dead. Ponzi scheme. Some people are very loaded now and the most losses.

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  4. Using some hypothetical values and assuming the consolidation is set with a 10:1 ratio (10 SM will equal 1 new SM).

    BEFORE the consolidation:

    Circulating volume (cv): 1 billion SM
    Price: $0.0000013 (5 zeros followed by 13)
    Your holdings: 1 million SM (0.1% of cv.)
    Your balance: $1.30 (Your holdings x price)
    In order for your value to hit $1 million, the price of SM would have to reach $1, which is an increase of 76,922,976.9%

    Now AFTER the 10:1 consolidation:

    Circulating volume (cv): 100 million SM
    Price: $0.000013 (4 zeros followed by 13)
    Your holdings: 100 thousand SM (0.1% of cv.)
    Your balance: $1.30 (Your holdings x price)
    In order for your value to hit $1 million, the price of SM would have to reach $10, which is an increase of 76,922,976.9%

    In short, a 10:1 consolidation would mean that circulating volume and holdings would be divided by 10. In turn, the price would be multiplied by 10. This is how all of the percentages and balances stay the same in the end. The same goes for the token burning. If our current target to stop the burn is 100 trillion SM, the target would change to 10 trillion SM after a 10:1 consolidation; since the volume would be reduced from 575 trillion to 57.5 trillion. This will allow holders to receive the same amount of passive income from reflections as they were expecting to receive before the consolidation.

  5. Consolidation is theft. Read below. Jwk you don’t get it! Let me explain. 10 tokens equal $1.00 100 tokens equal $1.00. Thats fine we get that part. What i dont want is theft of my coins/ tokens. If i buy 200 million. I will wait a year or two and when it gets to 1 penny i have 2 million dollars. If it consolidates i get 2 million tokens at a penny it means i get 200k. Wtf. Are you serious. This is a joke and theft. Not what i bought, not what i invested in. Now i know why Jack and Hank left. They didnt want to be part of this theft.

  6. The problem is that safemoon community has left everything on the team. They no longer believe in shilling, promoting safemoon.. Our current volume exposes everything. Look at meme coins like baby doge that has way less holders and community than safemoon but they're very engaging and shill it everywhere. Same goes for Shiba and you can find a huge difference in their volume and ours.

    Even though we are now moving towards our utility but we should not forget our past that we were a hype coin. If hype can take us to 0.00001 or even higher I rather prefer it. So many projects have great utility but they're dead now. Reason is not having strong/engaging community .Marketing is one of the most important in this space…

    We all look at Cardano but don't look at the fact that Charles Hoskinson was great at marketing. Cardano community is like a cult. They promote it everywhere and can't hear anything against it. That's why Cardano rose from the ashes ( $0.02) to now more than $2.2 ( hit ~3 ATH).


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