Yield Farming Crypto, Flurry Finance Simplified, ft. Mike Ting

In today’s episode, our featured project is Yield Farming Crypto with Flurry Finance.

In a simplistic overview, FlurryFi offers crypto enthusiasts a way to earn, trade, and spend with ease and stability by removing the technical barriers for non-technical savvy users. FlurryFi has set out to make the yield generation experience as simple and convenient as it should be.

To tackle the problems currently surrounding yield farming in the Crypto space, a cross-chain token known as the rhoToken which is part of the Flurry Protocol was introduced. To further elaborate on the concept behind the underlying technology, we’ve brought on the CEO & Founder of Flurry Finance, to help us understand the mechanism in place, and why this will change the status quo of yield farming.

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Flurry Finance Telegram: https://t.me/FlurryFinance_Official
Flurry Finance Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/FlurryFinance/
FlurryFi Twitter: https://twitter.com/FlurryFi
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