Yield Farming Paying 1,000% APR For Your Liquidity Pool Staking

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Yield Farming is paying insane APR and APYs in exchange for you to stake into its liquidity pool allowing for Decentralized Finances to function. What is going on and is it too good to be true?

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47 thoughts on “Yield Farming Paying 1,000% APR For Your Liquidity Pool Staking”

  1. can you show how to it it on shibaswap the also have liquidity pools and you can make much then 25% apy take a look at the BONE-WETH pool on a 2.5 k investment you get BONE tokens aprx value of 10.25 a day you can take a look and show it

  2. I think people who've been in the DeFi space for up to 6 months will now get a better understanding of this loop. 1000% up APR lasts for days or a week, considering that you also have to take a risk investing in a new open platform. Don't get me wrong, some of them that used to offer such APR turn out to be a really good platform these days like alpaca, wardenswap, apeswap, or dopple.finance. Please always read whitepaper and look for audits certification.

  3. Nice video bud, what puts me off is tracking and understanding what tax I'll have to pay.

    Exchanges allow you to export trades but metamask does not. Also I'm not even sure is it's income or capital gains tax on staked income.

    Any advice?

  4. Ahh, so an ancient loan system made new again my DeFi. Your money could be stolen by bandits, the person gambled both the money and their assets away so you can't capitalize on collateral, or the place you gave your money handed it out, so there's no money to return to original investors. Thanks for the insights!

  5. Best video for such nice explanation about yield farming, Now I fully understand concept about LP tokens and how this system generate such high APY that no other financial institutions can give us . Thanks for your efforts for making such great video about defi yield farming. GOD Bless You.!


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